Training Activities

Training Activities

HCSU did become increasingly involved in training for peer review and inspection processes. This had built on HCSU in house training and selection expertise developed over the past twelve years. With some adaptation and development this had been successfully transferred to the training of peer revieweyrs and inspection regimes for schemes outside HCSU.

Initially HCSU was approached by the National Cancer Action Team to guide them on the training requirements for the assessment of the National Cancer Standards as part of NHS Cancer Plan. HCSU has now delivered over thirty training events to senior healthcare professionals working in cancer services to prepare them to assess the adult, paediatric oncology centre, paediatric shared care and intrathecal standards. In addition, HCSU is currently involved in peer review training for the London Breast Screening Quality Assurance Programme working with Nursing care.

HCSU had worked with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to review the way in which inspectors for the authority are recruited, selected, trained, monitored as they carried out inspections and the on-going information and up-date training that was required. At the end of 2009 they worked with the Authority to facilitate two up-date days for existing inspectors. In February that year they facilitated an assessment centre for the selection of new inspectors. This involved a rigorous assessment process to ensure that inspectors had the requisite skills to effectively perform the inspection function.

With regard to primary care, for several years HCSU had been providing peer review training for two local quality improvement schemes, Leicestershire Blueprint and Sheffield Commitment to Quality for primary care practices.

The aim of all the training events was to provide participants with an understanding of the techniques required, whether this was for internal audit, peer review assessment or inspection. they worked with the organisation commissioning the training to ensure that they put over the philosophy which underpinned their approach and the required skills and application. This involved simulating aspects of the assessment process and giving participants the opportunity to practice the necessary skills. In addition, the content of the training included identifying evidence required to assess compliance, the assessment of documentation and statutory regulations, analysis of information gathered, carrying out assessment interviews, delivering feedback and report writing.

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Study in Excellence

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Population movements over successive decades meant that many GP premises were in the wrong places, or in unsuitable buildings, resulting in poor access for many HCSU residents. Access to dentists, opticians, chiropodists and other primary care professionals were equally poor. The first Health Care Standards Unit established a very clear link bettheyen NHS Plan targets and development proposals (such as increasing the number of GPs). The new premises reflected this planned expansion. The same was {more heath news}

The Government’s Drive

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NHS care has to be shaped around the convenience and concerns of patients. To bring this about, patients must have more say in their own treatment and more influence over the way the NHS works.’ The NHS Plan Mindful of the Government’s drive for a responsive and reactive health service, and following requests from clients, HCSU has designed a workshop programme to help professional staff groups develop a strategy and plan for effective patient and {more heath news}

Consultancy for Nationwide Health Standards

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Working with and learning from healthcare organisations for over 15 years, meant HCSU had the unique knowledge and skills to help organisations implement their quality improvement programmes and meet statutory requirements Many of the UK government healthcare quality initiatives such as controls assurance and Healthcare Commission reviews were based on the standards and methodology pioneered by HCSU. They offered a range of custom-built services to healthcare organisations, other public sector bodies and voluntary organisations, including: {more heath news}

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