Preparing your home for the winter

October 2, 2019 survivingwinter 0

Home insulation Insulation and draught-proofing can protect your home against the cold in winter and the excess heat in summer. It can even reduce noise pollution too! It is also important to understand that on a cold day, heat can escape your property in many different ways. Here’s how you can resolve this issue dramatically. When completing a loft conversion project, there are three ways in which you can insulate your home. These methods are rigid {more heath news}

Sciatica backpain on the rise as winter months draw in

December 4, 2016 survivingwinter 0

Sciatica. Sciatica is the name that is often given to general back pain or pain that goes down the legs. However medically, it has a more precise meaning. The sciatic nerve is a very large nerve that has several roots from the lower spinal cord. The nerves emerge from the lower spinal cord, and enter into the muscles in the lower back and pelvis. Here they all join together in a network of nerves called {more heath news}

New breakthrough in Rectal cancer screening

December 4, 2016 survivingwinter 0

Rectal cancer Rectal cancer is the name given to carcinoma, or cancer, of the rectum. The rectum is the last part of the bowel. It is found in the pelvis. It stores faeces and flatus (wind) before it passes out of the anus. Carcinoma or cancer is a malignant growth of the surface lining, or epithelium, of a body or structure. Rectal cancer therefore is a malignant growth that starts in the lining of the {more heath news}

Ultimate guide to Radiotherapy

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Radiotherapy Radiotherapy is a technique using ionising radiation created by a Linear Accelerator (linac). The energy of these rays is significantly higher than the x-rays used in medical imaging. Radiotherapy is predominantly used to treat malignancy as either a curative or palliative measure. It is often used to treat tumours a priori but is typically used in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. If used after surgery, it is considered “Adjuvant” and if used before other {more heath news}

Epidurals on the rise in pregnant women

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Epidural “Epidural” is a commonly used word amongst women. They are aware that an “epidural” can be used to numb the body from the waist downwards during childbirth. Many also know this is performed by a “needle in the back”. However, the medical term epidural actually means “around the membranes that surround the central nervous system”. The brain and spinal-cord is surrounded by a series of membranes called the dura. The outer most layer is {more heath news}

Who needs to have an appendicectomy?

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Acute inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis) is the most common indication for appendicectomy. Patients admitted acutely to hospital with a rather long history of acue right lower abdominal pain (5 days or more) may be found to have a mass in the abdomen, called “appendicular mass”. This is the result of the body’s defence mechanisms, including the bowel and a fatty protective apron inside the abdomen cald ‘omentum’ wrapping themselves around the inflamed appendix to {more heath news}

Gallbladder problems in health scare

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Gallbladder The gallbladder is an organ that lies inside the abdomen just under the liver. If you put your hand just under your right ribs at the front, this is roughly where your gallbladder is. Not surprisingly, this is where you get your pain if you get an inflamed gall bladder – a condition called cholecystitis. A normal gallbladder is usually a floppy sack, often pinky green in colour, that is about 10 cm long {more heath news}

Generalised Anxiety Disorder up by 70% in South East

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Generalised Anxiety Disorder According to research this issue generally isn’t isolated and often it’s accompanied by depression. Sometimes it is hard to diagnosis GAD because it lacks some of the symptoms of other anxiety disorders. Appropriate therapies are utilised by the doctor due to the symptoms discovered in someone who is suffering from GAD. Often a doctor also performs the physical examination to eradicate the possibility of physical issues such as an overactive thyroid. Doctors {more heath news}

How the changes on work life balance can effect your health

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Say goodbye to the typical work week – today’s employees are looking for jobs that allow them to make the most of their personal schedules, whilst maintaining professionalism in their work portfolio. Naturally, technology has made it easier for businesses to grant their workforce more freedom, and new regulations make part-time work a feasible means of earning. Benefits for Business Is the downfall of the desk job indicative of a lack of employee motivation? Certainly {more heath news}

How to avoid Hyperhidrosis outbreak during cold snap

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Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) Hyperhidrosis is the medical name given to excessive sweating. People suffering from hyperhidrosis, with the localised from armpits, hands, feet or face or generalised to be sweating from all over the body, can find it extremely socially debilitating. Hyperhidrosis can lead to constant anxiety, changes of behaviour as sufferers try to avoid situations where they may sweat more or indeed whether sweating maybe noticed, and can result in social isolation leading to {more heath news}

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